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eCS desktop backup hints

When installing new programs or drivers strange things can happen... The worst thing is a not starting system :-(

One good idea is to have a backup of the previous system state handy.
OS/2, eCS has the right tools implemented (right 'out of the box') -- but the tools are a little hidden. Ok, what to do?

Backing up the desktop and the system configuration

First You need some knowledge of the backups
There are 3 generation of backups available, sorted by date/time, called #1, #2, #3, where #1 is the newest and a 'original archive created from install', called #0.
These archives are stored in the \OS2\ARCHIVES directory. But (warn, warn) internally numbered different from the official number. The archive \01 is not necessarily the one called #1.

Activating the backup/backout tools is simple:
Open the settings notebook of the WorkplaceShell (right mouse click somewhere on the shell: 'properties'), Go to the second index-tab 'Archive'. Activate 'Display recovery choices at each system startup' and select a timeout (20s is good for beginners).

Hint: On a freshly installed eCS 1.1 system You need the enableStartup.CMD file to enable the startoptions screen.

If You do not like the startoptions screen at startup, You can alternatively activate this screen by pressing [Alt]+[F1] when the white 'boot blob' at the upper left corner appears in the early booting phase.

Now You have the backout options available (You need backups).

Creating the backups #1...#3:
Before You install something new (driver or program) go again to the Archive settings of the WorkplaceShell and activate 'Create archives at each system startup'. Close the settings notebook, shut down and reboot the system. Disable the archiving at startup again!

If someting goes wrong with the installation, simlpy shut down, reboot and select Your latest archive (#1) at the startoptions screen by pressing the [1] key (not the one from the number pad). Your latest backup will be backed out -- this will take some time, but everything (even destroyed *.INI files) will be recovered. ;-)

If You have a really stable running system (be sure it is!), You can make that system state the 'original state'. Be carefull! Think twice. Is everything ok?
Open a command prompt and type arcinst and press [Enter].
After a minute there is a new 'original archive created of install' (#0) created. The #1...#3 are no longer visible at the startoptions screen (but still available).

In the case that really nothing goes, You can restore the 'original archive' by pressing the [0]-key at the startoptions screen.

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