WatchStocks - The WatchList Window

The WatchList Window

The WatchList Window

In this window You find three text fields (and drop down lists) containing the names of all the stocks queried with their ISIN codes and internal short names.

The stock name is the name shown in the chart window - it can be modified. Because these names are generated automatically while reading the quotes table from the server, they might be in capital letters, to long, to short or strange in any other way... You can change these names in any way You like.

The International Stock Identification Number (ISIN) is shown behind the stock name in the chart window. You'll need it for the trading. Therefore it is useful to enter the ISIN code for every stock listed. This code number is not generated automatically (Not all stock servers show these numbers).

The stock short name is the name used in the Web page from which the stocks are queried. It is (program internal) used to identify the stocks. Do not edit this field.
And do not forget to press the change button after changing an entry!


While the stocks are queried or analyzed You cannot open this window - and vice versa when this window is open the stocks are not queried!

For unregistered users

The unregistered program version allows only 48 stocks in this list (there are only stocks starting with 'A...'). Use this program as long as You like - but if You want to gain money You need the full watch list to find the best growing stocks... Register

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