WatchStocks - The Timing Window

The Timing Window

The timing settings that can be configured

Ignore this - if You like

The timing list

Normally a stocks-server updates its pages every 15min, so that You get all the needed information 15min delayed. When a site is updated exactly at the full hour and Your system clock is 10s too early, You'll get the 15min (server-) delayed information generated at hh:45 - and that is totally 30min after the current information!
To circumvent this problem it is a good idea to start querying the stocks-server-page 5min after the full hour. And these are the default settings for the timing. If Your stocks server updates its pages more or less frequent, You can change the query timing by selecting the start time and the query time interval from the timing lists...

Remember the last...

...14 days (by default) or a longer period of time.
Maybe You're interested in long term trading. In this case You can use this drop down list to select a longer time interval for the analysis. All data older than the given interval will be erased (for performance and actuality).

Maximum number of windows

Depending of the maximum of information You (by Yourself) are able to (free of stress) recognize, You can set the number of chart windows within a wide range. The default is 6 windows, because this number allows You to arrange the windows in a clear way and there is still space for the applets the stock brokers normally use to enable stock-trading. (WatchStocks is an analyzing and not a trading program)

Warn when list... not used yet

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