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Program registration

Why You should register

This program is shareware. The unregistered program is functionally restricted. To use this program in day trading analysis requires access to all available stock quotes. And this can be done only with the registered version!

Here is an example what can be done:
Assume You have 1 000EUR and You use this program to find the fastest growing stock values. With a little luck You find every day at least one stock with a price growing more than 0.5%/h...
Furthermore assume that You have 6h per day to trade. Over this period of time the stock price grows 3% (If You already tested the program, You surely found stock prices growing much faster).
That gives You the money
M3 = 1 000EUR * 1.03
M3 = 1 030EUR.
Do this over one week (5days), You will have
M3 = 1 000EUR * 1.03 5
M3 = 1 000EUR * 1.159
M3 = 1 159EUR
Well, let's continue over a year (40 weeks, we need holidays, too)
M3 = 1 000EUR * 1.03 (5*40)
M3 = 1 000EUR * 369
M3 = 369 000EUR
OK, this is an example. There is no guarantee to gain this money! It can happen that we lose our money, but we can gain much more (with a little luck). It depends on our decisions and the market and... This program only helps to find the growing prices.

What is the price

You have to pay 99€ for a livelong license. If this program will be updated in the future You simply need to download the newer version. Your registration still remains valid.

How to register

  1. Open the 'User Window' (->'Settings' ->'More' ->'More')
  2. Check if Your full name is inserted in the 'User name field' - if not, enter Your full and real name
  3. Remove the 'unregistered' from the 'Registration key field'
  4. Note the registration number shown in the 'Registration key field'
  5. Send this number and Your name to the program author ( (if You like add Your address)
  6. Wait for the bill (normally within 24h by e-mail)
  7. Pay
  8. You will get Your registration key number, enter it in the 'Registration key field', save it. Done.

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