WatchStocks - How to run

WatchStocks is a JAVA program

Because WatchStocks is a JAVA program, it works with almost all modern operating systems. To get the program run You must start the JAVA virtual machine (JVM). Depending on the used operating system there can bedifferences...
Attention: Type the commands with upper- or lower case as shown!

WatchStocks program start

You might start WatchStocks as in 'starting WatchStocks for the first time' described.
--Or You can use (running Windows) the file Stocks.bat from Your Stocks directory.
For this file You can create a program object on Your desktop...

WatchStocks operating system specials:

WatchStocks and BeOS

(should work)

WatchStocks and eComStation

see OS/2

WatchStocks and Linux

(a good idea)
see UNIX

WatchStocks and MacOS


WatchStocks and OS/2

(a good idea)
Check first if Your JAVA 1.3 version is co130-200110... or newer!
Open a command window and type java -version and press [Enter].
If Your JAVA version is to old install a newer version.
In the WatchStocks install directory (D:\Stocks?) You'll find an InstallOS2.CMD REXX program, doing all the installation work for You. Simply double click on this program icon.
A program object 'WatchStocks' will be created on the WPS. That's all

WatchStocks and UNIX

(a good idea)
Starting the JAVA VM is different for the many UNIX flavors...
The complete path to the directory where You unzipped WatchStocks might be called <directory> and the fully qualified path to the JAVA directory where the '' file is located might be called <path> - then You should try:
  • jre   -cp   <directory>   Stocks
  • jre   -classpath   <path>;<directory>   Stocks
  • cd   <directory>
    export   CLASSPATH
    java   Stocks
  • cd   <directory>
    setenv   CLASSPATH   <path>;<directory>
    java   Stocks

WatchStocks and Windows


How to install Main Window