WatchStocks - The Chart Window(s)

The Chart Window

The Chart Window(s)

This window gives You all the information You want. It is divided into two chart graph areas. The left one contains the data received the last days or weeks (adjustable up to 6 month) and the right one contains today's data (if available).
Both graph areas show the stock values (green lines) over the given periods of times (last week / today), the mean values (dark gray lines) and the standard deviations (light gray areas) as linear regressions. For a better overview are these areas gridded - that means every day / hour is marked with a vertical line and although the values are marked with decimal lines. The left graph area (week) contains in the lower and upper left edge the minimum and maximum values of the value interval.
The upper left edge of the right (day) graph area shows the current stock value (if available)...
And what You are most interested in, is the linear regression of the mean values shown in [%/h] in the lower left edge of the day area. If there are no values today, You'll see instead the last weeks mean value regression.
There is a 'Hold' button to keep the window in the front and remember the current stock value. This 'hold value' is although shown as a red line in both areas and as a number in a text field.

Well, now it's time to learn 'how to use' it.

Special Window How to use